Education and Training
Education and Training


A platform for collaboration between the education-training system, the government and civil society, with a view to developing global education

Creation of a knowledge platform between universities, companies and organisations, government bodies and civil society.

Contribution to the promotion of research in the field of Education and Training, involving all the players in these systems.

Promoting national and international projects to define an innovative but concerted strategy for Education and Training systems.

Bringing industry and universities closer together to promote the development of skills tailored to the needs of the labour market

Maria José Sousa
Maria José Sousa (PhD in Management, with Aggregation in Management and Public Management), is a lecturer and researcher at ISCTE/University Institute of Lisbon. She is a member of the Advisory Board of Banco Português de Fomento for Public Policies; and was a Senior Researcher at the GEE (Strategy and Studies Office) of the Ministry of Economy Portuguese, responsible for Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship Policies, and Knowledge and Skills Manager at AMA, IP, Agency for Administrative Modernization (Ministry of the Presidency and the Council of Ministers) and a Project Manager at the Ministry of Labor and Employment, responsible for Innovation Projects and Qualification Assessment and Development Projects. Her research interests are currently in the public policies of Innovation and Research. She was also President of ISO/TC 260 – Human Resources Management, representing Portugal in ISO – International Organization for Standardization; and coordinated several European innovation projects (funded by programs such as Erasmus+, Horizon Europe and ICMPD) and is also an External Expert of COST Association – European Cooperation in Science and Technology.


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University Forum for Human Resource Development Conference 2024

JUNHO, 2024

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